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As Consultants with a decade of experience, we help clients by giving them advice. We’re experts at counseling and making goals achievable. Our job is to support you in reaching your objectives. With us, you get professional guidance tailored to your needs, making success within reach.

Who We Are??

Credit Guru, founded in 2021, empowers India’s rural and urban citizens with expert credit and financial guidance, removing ignorance and illuminating paths to financial knowledge and security.

Our Main Service

CIBIL/Credit Score Improvement

Improving your credit score means managing your finances smartly. Get your credit report to spot errors. Pay bills on time, and keep credit card balances low. Avoid too many new credit applications. Mix up your credit types, like cards and loans. Consider tools like secured cards to build credit if it’s low.

Our Popular Services

We’re your financial experts, offering services tailored to you. We provide top-notch advice and counseling to help you navigate your finances smoothly. From budgeting to investment strategies, we’ve got you covered. Trust us to guide you toward financial success and peace of mind.


Mutual Fund

A mutual fund pools money from many investors to invest in diversified securities, managed by professional fund managers.



We provide loan counseling services to guide you through the borrowing process and help you make informed financial decisions.

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Health Insurance

We offer health insurance counseling to help you understand policies, compare options, and choose the best coverage for your needs.

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We provide expert counseling on stock market investments, offering personalized advice to help you make informed financial decisions.


GST Filing

We offer comprehensive GST filing services, ensuring timely and accurate submissions to help you stay compliant with tax regulations.



FSSAI ensures food safety and hygiene standards in India, regulating food products to protect public health and consumer interests.



Trademarks protect brand identity by legally securing unique symbols, names, and logos, preventing unauthorized use and ensuring market distinction.


Company Registration

We offer company registration services, simplifying the process to establish your business legally, ensuring compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Web & App Development

Looking to grow your business? Our Web and App Development services are here to assist. We specialize in creating unique, user-friendly websites and apps, each meticulously crafted to align with your specific business requirements. With our digital solutions, we aim to boost your online presence, enhance customer engagement, and ultimately drive your business towards unprecedented success. Let us transform your vision into reality with our tailor-made, innovative digital services.


ISO Certification

We provide ISO Certification services, ensuring your business meets international standards for quality, safety, efficiency, and environmental management.


Individual/Company ITR

We provide Individual/Company ITR services, ensuring accurate and timely filing for compliance with tax regulations and financial peace of mind.

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Amit vaidh
Amit vaidh
Good Service fast Work. Working proffessinal
Rahul Baranwal
Rahul Baranwal
Good working good behaviour Special thanks for Manisha mam 🙏
Mahendra Meshram
Mahendra Meshram
Very good service
Mohammad Arshad
Mohammad Arshad
Good service
Rahul Agrawal
Rahul Agrawal
Mera name Dharmendra Shakayawar hai mera cibil score 637 tha jiske Karan Mera loan file ruk raha tha uske baad mai CA Rahul sir ke paas gaya unko aapne problem bataye sir ne mujhe Creditguru Finserv Pvt Ltd company ke bare mai bataya aur mere case par sir ne Amreen madam se discuss Kiya uske baad madam ne Mera score Improvement ka kaam kar ke deya ab Mera score 773 ho gaya hai . Thank u so much madam for your support 👍👍
माझ्या सिव्हिल रिपोर्टमध्ये ओव्हरड्यू दिसत होता, त्यामुळे मी खूप काळजीत होतो, त्यानंतर मी सीए सरांशी बोललो, त्यांनी मला अमरीन मॅडमचा नंबर दिला, मी मॅडमला माझी सिव्हिल प्रॉब्लेम सांगितली आणि मॅडमने माझ्या एका खात्याची बाब मिटवली. यासाठी मी खूप आनंदी आहे, मॅडम तुमच्या पाठिंब्याबद्दल खूप खूप धन्यवाद Creditguru finserv pvt ltd
Anand singh
Anand singh
Good work
yash ame
yash ame
Company was very supportive In my cibil report there is multiple account which is not mine company remove all the account which is not mine I am very very satisfied with work of Amreen madam and my score was also from 726 reached 759 . Thank you so much Credit guru finserv company for your support
Amar Chobey
Amar Chobey
Mera 1 account Mai written off the or cibil score 641 Maine creditguru finserv pvt ltd mai apna cibil sahi Kariya written off bhi hat gaya or cibil bhi 726 hogaya 50 day thank you .Amreen Madam

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